Systems Networking References

Cyber Network

Cyber Network in Switzerland deployed twin IBM Flex System solutions in each of its Geneva data centers, incorporating IBM Flex System Manager software and IBM Storwize V7000 virtualized storage, creating a flexible private cloud for banking and financial services industry clients.

Töpfer GmbH

To support its new security solution and virtualized server landscape, Töpfer worked with IBM Business Partner Wittmann EDV-Systeme to implement IBM® System Networking RackSwitch™ G8052, IBM System x® 3690 X5 server and IBM System Storage® DS5324 storage technology.

CANCOM IT Solutions GmbH

CANCOM IT Solutions, a German IT service provider, facilitated reliable access to its cloud services from all locations by deploying IBM RackSwitch G8052 technology. The company also implemented an IBM PureFlex System with Flex System x240 and p460 compute nodes connected via IBM Flex Syst

SL-Rasch GmbH

Working with IBM Business Partner Hamburgnet, SL-Rasch updated its network infrastructure with IBM® System Networking RackSwitch™ components to solve the data throughput challenges.