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SSB puts reliable public transport on the fast track with IBM and SAP

Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG (SSB) provides passenger transport services in the greater Stuttgart region of Germany. The company is owned by the State Capital Stuttgart, and acts as the region’s main public transport operator. SSB manages an extensive network of light rail lines, bus routes and a rack railway, carrying a total of more than 171 million passengers annually. In all, the company operates approximately 450 buses and trains, and employs more than 2,900 people.

Business need

Slow response times or lack of application availability could have a huge impact on SSB’s ability to properly co-ordinate its activity and deliver safe, efficient urban transport. It could also cause significant disruption to its clients’ operations, leading to loss of revenues if clients chose to switch hosting providers. The company must ensure fast access to enterprise data, in order to provide its own executives and its clients with the information they need to perform timely, accurate analysis and reporting, and guide better decision-making.


SSB relies on a solid hardware backbone of IBM® Power Systems™ servers, running IBM AIX®, to deliver exceptional performance for its business-critical systems, including an extensive SAP ERP application landscape. To manage growing quantities of data and provide fast access to vital information, the company extended its existing storage environment – based on IBM System Storage® SAN Volume Controller – with high-performance IBM FlashSystem™ technology.


Allows quicker payouts with optimized commission calculations in SAP Revenue Management and Contract Accounting (SAP RM-CA), reducing runtime from five hours to just 40 minutes, a saving of more than 86 percent. Provides HR staff with new opportunities to work better with data by accelerating complex payroll processing from six hours to six minutes, a saving of more than 98 percent. IBM FlashSystem storage expected to deliver a full return on investment within five years, and offers a total cost of operation that is 50 percent less than traditional storage solutions.

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Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG
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